Building of Fibre Optic Networks

As operators of communication networks become competitive and technology changes, Companies require to become technologically driven and have to meet rapid changing standards in optic fibre installation. DNA remains in the forefront of this technology which needs to be passed down to technical staff within the organization. Our Directors are trained in every aspect of these new technologies which then enables organization to pass on all skills to their technical staff and implementation teams.

Our optical specialists include: CFOT certified (Certified Fibre Optic Technicians), trained to international standards to provide delivery to the South-African Market. We also provide consultancy to design and implement fibre optic back bone projects and have all the equipment available in house to deliver and complete these projects.

Chromatic Dispersion Testing

CD-PMD, OLTS Testing

DNA OPTIC FIBRE Offers clients that latest modules in CD-PMD,
OLTS testing, which includes: All traces run through fast reporter
for each of reporting and qualification for clients.

• Accurate, complete 10 Gbit/s, 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s qualifications
• Metro network testing
• Core and long-haul network testing



The benefit of CD –PMD testing includes :

• PMD and CD measurements for all types of networks
• Standards-compliant approach delivering . rst-time-right results
• Fully automated, highly intelligent interface
• One test solution for all dispersion testing—for reduced CAPEX
• Single-ended testing of multiple links from one location for fewer truck rolls and reduced OPEX.
• Lower maintenance issues due to higher quality network link.

EXFO FTB -9700

DNA utilises the EXFO FTB -9700 which is the latest in the market for CD-PMD Testing.

We currently provide complete – CD –PMD testing for:

• DARK FIBRE AFRICA – VODACOM on links of over 20km

Fibre Optic Blowing and Duct integrity Testing

• Fibre blowing capacity 9-18mm cable
• Fibre blowing capacity 6 9mm micro duct cable
• Duct integrity testing 32mm 40mm 50mm
• Duct integrity testing 10mm 12mm and 14mm
• Fault finding locating of blockages and damages in damaged ducts.


Fibre Optic Splicing and Testing

• Splicing: Splicing into current infrastructure or splicing the allocated
pairs to the client or site, and labelling and maintenance
• Fibre optic link testing: Testing between access, switching,
aggregation/core nodes to ensure links are operational with minimum
losses and maximum bandwidth available. The most technically
advanced equipment is used for OTDR traces by means of
EXFO FTB200 OTDR complete with maxtesters for light source and
power meter
• Acceptance testing (Cromatic Dispersion and Polarised Mode Dispersion) by means of EXFO FTB500 OTDR complete with maxtesters for light source and power meter; and
• Field splicing by means of a combination of the Fugikura 60S and
Sumitomo T39
• As-Build Documentation includes records and reports of all the
actions, findings, implementations and results
• Quality Assurance according to client, product and international

FTTx Solutions

• Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) Our solution reaches the boundary of the
residential home, ina box or on the outside wall of a home.
• Fibre-to-the-building or basement (FTTB) We lay the fibre link to the
boundary of a building with the final connection to the individual small
business or living unit being made with other means.
• Fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) The fibre runs to and terminates in a box in
the street several kilometres away from customer premises with the
final connection being copper.Fibre Optic Splicing and Testing.

Civil and Optical Site Survey

• Business Park and Gated Communities DNA provides planning, approvals, design, civils and fibre installation within business Parks and large residential developments. Fibre can be used for surveillance cameras as well as communication networks within these communities. DNA offers support and maintenance of these networks.

Access Site Build

DNA optic Fibre offer the service provider full expert planning and project management in executing access site builds with full turn key delivery to the client that includes:

• Wayleave applications and site drawings
• Site Survey
• Planning
• Costing
• Civil Solutions and execution
• Full optic fibre delivery supply and install and final testing
• Acceptance Certification civil as well as Fibre Project Management
Inside and outside plant
• Quality Assurance

All work on these access build are done with professionals within DNA
Optic Fibre Solutions and not sub contractors. All projects executed
with in house equipment and technicians.

We have a specific department dealing with municipalities, local
authorities, roads authorities and other authorities to ensure legal
approvals and delivery to clients program.